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Seeding Black Trans Futures, Now!

House of Pentacles (HOP) is a Film Training Program and Production House designed to launch Black trans youth (ages 18-35) into the film industry and tell stories woven at the intersection of being Black and Trans. 

In honor of Monte Qarlo

“We act on our mission by investing in the personal, political, and professional development of Black Trans people.”

Joie Lou Shakur | House of Pentacles Founder






Who We Are

Black Trans people in our local communities are both explicitly and implicitly discriminated against while trying to find employment.

We have a simple mission: To train the next generation of Black Trans storytellers and filmmakers, leverage our brand to get Black Trans filmmakers paid projects in their communities, and pay Black Trans film trainees to work on House projects that further the stories of Black Trans people globally. Furthermore, we are Black trans people telling Black trans stories. We are recording our own histories, and we are making ourselves unforgettable.  Our house is built on tenets of survival, creative resistance, and family. Much like the ballroom house scene we help each other survive, stunningly.

House of Pentacles exists to make film training accessible to the most marginalized among us, providing pathways to a career in film as well as educational opportunities. Not only does this particular skill set increase the amount of Black trans stories being told, it also provides economic stability and autonomy for many Black Trans people, especially those of us that society has deemed unhirable in it’s traditional corporate or non-profit world. HOP is a resource that Black trans people can use to regain dignity through economic choice and creating an ability to self-determine.

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