Joie Lou Shakur | Founder

Joie Lou Shakur (they/them) is a Black Trans immigrant from Jamaica. They are currently a Southern organizer, medicine maker, and filmmaker living in Durham, NC. Joie Lou is the founding director of House of Pentacles, a Black Trans Film Fellowship Program and Production House. In addition to their work with House of P, Joie Lou facilitates healing circles for Black folks at the intersection of sexual trauma and racial violence. They serve as BYP100’s Healing & Safety Coordinator where they help get Black folks free through the practice of a Black Queer Feminist Lens. When they’re not building Black futures, Black Trans possibilities, or behind a camera, you can find Joie Lou dancing, practicing karaoke, or cooking traditional Jamaican Sunday dinners on a Tuesday afternoon. Follow Joie Lou on IG @joieloushakur.

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