“ Inherent in the suit of pentacles is the power to manifest ideas into prosperity. In a similar vein, House of Pentacles exists as a direct economic intervention in the lives of Black trans people.”

Joie Lou Shakur | House of Pentacles Founder

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Hey there! We’re so glad you found our page. If you or someone you know has demonstrated excellence and rigor in your/their artistic field, you can nominate yourself or someone else to be considered for HOP Collective Membership.

The HOP Collective is a global invitation based network of Black Trans creatives!
Collective members are invited based on their demonstrated excellence in their art form.
As a member of the HOP Collective, you get access to this global network of Black Trans creatives and an invitation to Collective C.A.M.P. (a 5-8 day long collaborative production space where HOP Collective members gather in person to create, produce, and publish their art).
In addition to Collective C.A.M.P, members get invited to location based creative spaces to collaborate and produce their art throughout the year.

If you or someone you know did not receive an invitation to become a member of the HOP Collective, you can submit a nomination by completing the form below.

HOP Collective Nomination Form

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Are you Trans/GNC?

If your creative work is not available online but you'd still like to share your work with us, e-mail us at houseofpentacles@gmail.com with this additional content.

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